Hello world! Welcome to my blog about media & antisocial/prosocial behavior!

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading it, despite the seriousness of the issue that will discussed. Protesting is nothing new to our society and most definitely not a thing of our past. We are constantly bombarded with the opinions of others and sometimes when individuals become extremely passionate about an issue they decide to protest in order to get their

message heard.  Currently, the most evident example of this is the popular protests happening in Egypt and Iran. The article Egyptian protests gives you a little bit of insight and information on the issue in case you are not aware. The website Social Media as a Tool for Protest does a good job of explaining the use of social networking media such as Facebook to help organize, communicate, and ultimately initiate campaigns and street action protests. Social media has been rapidly taking over society and with so many people familiar with the technology it seems like the perfect form of communication to get in touch with people who have similar beliefs as you. At a very low cost groups are able to discuss protests tactics without planning a meeting time that works with everyone’s schedule and allows many more people to commit to the revolution regardless of their busy schedules. Narrowing my blog topic to a more specific serious of events, an issue that has caught my attention recently is in regards to pro-choice/abortion protesters that have been on my  college campus. Not only social media, but every medium can be used in a very pro-social way such as support groups, fundraising, and connecting family members who have become disconnected over time. I feel like protesting through social media gives off the impression to those who are not familiar with the websites that this type of communication is filled with negatively and fighting. Anti-abortion murals were all over campus the past few days and these protests were extremely vocal and new how to get their message across to uninterested students passing by their awful display. The demonstrators belonged to a group called the Genocide Awareness project, which travels all around the country displaying murals depicting disturbing abortion images.  The group has many different Facebook pages created by different people, which allows followers the ability to easily connect with those who are on the same page as them. GAP is one of their Facebook pages from a high school trying to recruit fellow classmates. My next post will elaborate on the relationship

between abortion protests and social media. How it is used, why it is used, and also what different types are used since social media is much more than just Facebook. Stay tuned! 


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2 Responses to Hello world! Welcome to my blog about media & antisocial/prosocial behavior!

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  2. I hated those protesters on campus! I don’t care where you stand on the issue, but to show such disturbing imagery like that was absolutely unnecessary. I know people from both sides of the issue who absolutely hated that. Most of the time, extremist approaches aren’t very effective, at least not in my book!

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