The protestors are gone…

The anti-abortion protesters that were in the student union at my school, Florida State University in Tallahassee, are finally gone and have probably moved on to bug another college campus. This video gives you an example of what was occurring. I did not agree with what they were protesting about and I feel every women she have the own rights to her body and what she decides to do with it, labeling me “pro-choice” if you must. I do not necessarily think abortion is a good thing and I feel like it should be prevented at all costs, with things such as birth control and proper sex education, but when it comes down to it a woman should be allowed to take control of her body and have the choice to go through with one if she feels that is what is best for her, the baby, and everyone else involved.

I decided to venture through Facebook just to see how many abortion protests pages there were and how much these groups are utilizing this form of social media. I typed the word ‘abortion” into the search box at the top of my homepage and was immediately bombarded with an onslaught of pages, the first one titled “ABORTION IS WRONG!” Over 4,000 people had “liked” this page so there are obviously many people taking part. Some people had posted poems and others simply stated their opinions on the issue at hand. I believe everyone should be able to voice their opinion but there are some sensitive topics which you must be careful of what you say and be mindful of other people’s feelings. Some of the comments and posts on social media sites can be toxic to others and I know that there are very harsh things said since it is much easier to type something behind the comfort and curtain of your computer screen than right to someone’s face. Fortunately, Facebook has actually announced two new safety features in conjunction with the White House to protect teens and young users from the things that lead to cyber-bullying. According to CNN, under the new system, a user could identify a photo, status update or other item as bullying them, then privately send a message to someone in their friend network about it. I think this is awesome since many protests can lead to unfortunate events like this when two extremely opinionated individuals bump heads. Regardless, a large number of people are taking part and it shows no sign of slowing down…

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