Let there be peace

Whether we realize it or not, there is a rich history of nonviolent protests in our country as well, such as the underground railroad. In order to get your word across there is no need to hurt anyone or damage anyone’s property and personally I think a message is better absorbed and taken more seriously if exhibited in a calm, mature manor. The majority of protest groups gathering via Facebook and other social media networks are unlikely to be violent or discuss destructive behavior since they are weary of getting in trouble since authorities can get a hold of these pages very easily since those who feel they are in danger can simply report them through the site. Abortion, as we all know by now, is an extremely sensitive topic and when emotions are high people can overreact. Peaceful, nonviolent, and prayerful movements make much more of an impact and I hope to see many of the social media organized protests end up this way so it does not get a bad wrap. Peaceful sit-ins and quiet marches allow the protests to speak their voices without the intervention of police and bystanders who are offended by their behavior.

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