Back to reality…

Hello! Spring break for Florida State students is over and we are now into the home stretch. About 8 more weeks of classes left before summer break and then straight into fall for my last semester of college, ever. I hope everyone had a safe, exciting, and relaxing break! As I continue my research about how social media networks and protests coincide, specifically anti-abortion protests, I began to realize that there are good and bad things that could come along with this relationship and merging of ideas. In this blog post I will reflect on the unfortunate characteristics and why we should all become aware of what can potentially happen. Protests in front of abortion clinics often get violent, including things in the form of vandalism and arson. This scares me and I do not understand how people against killing unborn babies can be so violent. This comes off as somewhat hypocritical to me. According to a religious tolerance website most of the violence appears to be mainly criminal activities by individuals religiously-motivated. Apparently there is said to be over $13 million in damage caused by violent groups since 1982. This website lays out all of the incidents in a chart and makes it easy to see just what these groups are doing, something I find very ineffective and does not convince me of their argument at all. Violence Chart

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